What is in the Sick Leave Bill 2022?

Under the Sick Leave Bill 2022, statutory entitlement to sick pay will be phased in as part of a 4-year plan and will initially be for 3 days once the Bill is signed into law.

The Government has approved the Sick Leave Bill 2022. Once signed by the President, it will become law.

For employers, this will cost them time and money if they don't have a sick pay scheme already in place. If the employees have 13 weeks of continuous service and provide a medical certificate, they will be entitled to 70% of pay subject to a max of €110 daily limit. This limit has been put in place to reduce the high costs that come with this new bill, as many sectors will still need to employ replacement staff.

The initial plan for Sick Leave Bill 2022

year one

3 days covered

year two 

5 days covered

year three 

7 days covered

year four 

10 days covered

For companies that have a more favourable sick leave scheme, then the Act will have no implications

Prospective employers will need to record employees' period of employment, dates of statutory sick leave for every employee and the rate of statutory sick leave payment for each employee. Failure to maintain accurate records may lead to a conviction and fine.

Click here to read the Sick Leave Bill 2022


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