Corporate governance services

Our corporate governance services ensure that your company’s board is aware of its obligations and your directors are aware of their duties.

We can also help ease the burden of organising your annual general meeting.

Our corporate governance services include:

Board support

  • Liaising with the Chair regarding the agenda for each meeting
  • Preparing the agenda, collating board packs and circulating these in advance of the meeting
  • Attending the board meeting
  • Preparing the draft minutes of the meeting and the action point list
  • Working with the Chair and other board members to agree on the minutes of the meeting

General meeting support

  • Preparing and distributing notices to all parties entitled to receive such notices
  • Managing and recording any proxies related to the general meeting in advance of the meeting
  • Attending the general meeting to assist with member sign in and recording the minutes of the meeting
  • Monitoring and recording the votes cast by members in attendance at the meeting
  • Managing any polls that may be requested at the meeting
  • Preparing draft minutes of the meeting
  • Working with the Chair to agree on the minutes of the meeting

Board induction and information sessions

  • Assisting your directors to get up to date with their duties and the requirements of the Companies Act 2014 and to stay up to date
  • Providing insight into the practicalities of being a good director
  • Assisting an incoming Chairperson to understand their role on the board

Company health checks

  • Completing a review of a company’s history by considering its corporate records, statutory registers and public filings to ensure it is compliant with the Companies Act 2014