Optimize and grow your business

Gain greater confidence in your business and the decisions you make with Forvis Mazars proprietary business diagnostics and benchmarking platform.

Optimize helps you and your Forvis Mazars team build a rich understanding of how to achieve your business goals. It helps challenge evaluation, action prioritisation, and establish targets that will deliver meaningful change. 

Tools to support your business

Optimize brings a suite of powerful capabilities to support your objectives.

  • Granular benchmark database – Optimize gives you a better grasp of the challenge ahead. It helps quantify strategic priorities and KPI targets based on analysis of data from over 60,000 organisations across 28 countries. The platform uses 4 years of financial and operational data to deliver bespoke benchmarks of top performing organisations within your sector and geography.

Fully comprehensive assessments – Optimize allows you to assess how all the core value drivers of your business interact with one another and drive your profitability, financial strength, investment returns, and business risk. Based on Forvis Mazars’ tried and tested Shareholder Value & Business Performance Framework, Optimize brings together information on all of the following performance drivers in a dynamic and insightful way, from which it builds gap analyses and prioritised action plans.

  • Market Maps – Based on proprietary industry analysis, Optimize designs bespoke Market Maps that visualise your business within its wider market. Your Market Map looks at your current business as well as adjacent product categories, geographies, business models, and customers/suppliers and helps to identify areas for growth and focus, areas to deprioritise, and new markets to enter.
  • Intuitive, flexible, online experience – Optimize adapts to your individual needs. Depending on your specific goals, Optimize is able to create a high-level, integrated view of how your business generates value, and produce a detailed gap analysis for specific performance drivers. It is delivered through a user-friendly, cloud-based platform facilitated by experienced advisors.

Shareholder and management perspectives – Optimize helps you ensure your leadership team is performing at its best. By assessing the goals, ambitions, risk appetite, and mindsets of both shareholders and management, Optimize provides the foundation for transformative leadership alignment sessions and future success.

If you want more information on Optimize, contact us and a member of the Forvis Mazars team will be in touch to discuss further. Or browse our business cases below to see how Optimize has helped our clients' businesses. 

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