TIPP Focus Group – Transparency is key

When South Africa-based Tipp Focus Group wanted to put in place an effective sustainability strategy and achieve transformative change that its employees would embrace, it turned to Mazars for help.

Tipp Focus Group provides a range of business services including technology consultancy, professional resourcing, construction and engineering consultancy, and training and development. It sought help in developing its sustainability strategy and reporting process, with the aim of being aligned with the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative Standards. It was also seeking human resources advisory and help with attaining Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment assurance (B-BBEE).

Our team took the time to get to know the company’s directors and management team to that they could develop a tailored solution that was the right fit for their needs. It was important to make sure the pace of change was carefully managed so that it matched the company’s appetite to make the transition.

We worked closely with Tipp’s leadership to streamline its business processes, embed sustainability in its day to day activities and make the changes needed to gain B-BBEE assurance. To achieve this, we carried out financial control reviews, tax planning, strategy management and carbon footprint measurement, culminating in the successful publication of the company’s sustainability report. We also empowered the directors to delegate effectively to their team, hold management executives accountable and effectively shift behaviour across their workforce for the collective benefit of the company and its employees.

The Mazars team conducted our strategic sessions with due professional care, emotional intelligence and with our business’s best interests at heart. They have demonstrated an ability to pace change management in aligning with our employee capabilities. We found value in their approach to broaden internal engagements for greater impact on our staff and for successful buy-in.

Thabelo Siala Director and Chief Executive Officer

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