Whistleblowing and complaint forms

Our values set a platform for what we believe will build long term sustainable success for the organisation. We want to work in a way that promotes our values and ensures we provide the best possible service for our clients, and the best possible environment for our team.

Forvis Mazars Group is committed to dealing responsibly, openly and professionally with:

  • concerns raised internally, that partners or team members may have about possible malpractice within Forvis Mazars Group firms,
  • concerns raised by persons external to Forvis Mazars Group (clients and other stakeholders) on the services provided by Forvis Mazars Group.

Who do Forvis Mazars Group’ complaint procedures apply to?

Alerts raised by all Forvis Mazars Group member firms Partners and staff, including those on permanent or fixed term contracts are taken into consideration through the Employee Whistleblowing Procedure below.

Alerts raised by persons external to Forvis Mazars Group are taken into consideration through the External Complaints Procedure below.

Alerts raised externally concerning non Forvis Mazars Group members are not taken into consideration.

External Complaints Procedure

We do our best to make everything work. If you are nevertheless not satisfied, you can share with us your comments by filling in the following form. We will get in touch with you to find a solution together.

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Employee Whistleblowing Procedure

This whistleblowing policy (the “Policy”) provides a mechanism for team members within each firm to raise genuine concerns, whilst offering protection from victimisation, harassment or disciplinary proceedings for those who do so.

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