ESG health check

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore environmental, social, and governance considerations
ESG-Health check

For clients that are considering or only just commencing their ESG journey, our ESG health check is an effective tool to assist in making that start. 

About the ESG health check

Our ESG assessment is a ‘health check’ of the current status and a gap analysis of your business’s minimum regulatory and societal requirements.

The results of your online questionnaire will be compiled with high-level insights and
benchmarked data to inform a personalised action plan formulated to address these gaps.

We’ll also refer you to the United Nations SDGs and guide you through which goals are best addressed by your business.


You’ll be rewarded with an ‘ESG awareness’ accreditation.

The ESG Health check will provide you with a suggested path forward and specific actions that will enable you to plan your ESG path.

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