Strategy & business planning

Strategic planning will establish your medium and long term destination while strategic management and business planning will determine how you will reach this destination

Your strategic planning function needs to deliver an integrated solution in which business plans, organisational structure, funding, systems, processes and resources are fully aligned to deliver on strategic objectives.

Our approach

Forvis Mazars can help overcome this challenge by bringing a suite of analytical approaches to strategic planning and making the more conceptually difficult issues tangible. Forvis Mazars strategic planning services are designed to facilitate the development of and delivery of effective strategies to meet the core performance improvement needs of all types of organisations. Our approach to strategic planning is based on the belief that the core knowledge of sectoral issues, strategic opportunities and organisational risks lies with key people within your organisation but that we can provide the objective support harnessing this knowledge to develop integrated strategic planning solutions.

All members of the Forvis Mazars strategic planning team are qualified, experienced specialists accredited by the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisers. Our team includes business leaders, management consultants, accountants and economists with a wide range of business planning skills such as: Positional assessment; market assessment; industry analysis; facilitation; business planning; financial planning; case making; project management

Our Services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy review
  • Strategy validation
  • Strategy rejuvenation and updating
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Market research
  • Sectoral studies
  • Impact assessment / review
  • Conference facilitation