Power & utilities

Specialist expertise to meet global energy needs

Net zero and decarbonisation commitments from governments, development of electric vehicle infrastructure, SMART grids, decommissioning of coal-fired assets, grid stability delivery and greater environmental pressure have all forced utilities to make major operational and infrastructural changes and will continue to do so. Globally, capacity must increase quickly to meet tomorrow’s energy demands, while doing so in a sustainable and resilient way. Our team brings global energy markets expertise and our knowledge of local regulations ensures you can effectively navigate multiple markets. We provide tailored audit and advisory services so you can effectively meet the energy needs of the future.

Our approach

New energy sources coupled with transformative technology are changing the face of the power and utilities sector. The rise of renewables, increased demand from developing economies, decentralisation of grids and production, technological change and digitalisation are all front of mind for energy developers, utilities and investors. 

At Forvis Mazars, our focus is on providing you with the solutions you need to meet your business objectives and achieve growth in a competitive market.

Our integrated global structure, mixing industry expertise with specialists in areas such as audit, tax and financial advisory services, means we can deliver sound advice throughout the energy value chain, from extraction through distribution to final consumer. 

We understand and support the move to renewables and understand the ways in which it is driving change throughout the industry. Our specialist renewables teams can offer unique insights into this.

Our team has extensive experience helping maximise returns for utilities, IPPs and investors, helping with operational and financial efficiency, including outsourcing and data analytics. We have particular expertise in modelling, a tool needed throughout a project’s life from feasibility to valuation for sell-off. We also have a focus on economic, social, and governance (ESG) issues such as green accounting and audits.

Decades of consolidation means a small number of multinational players now deliver services to millions. Our cross-border structure means we can support these firms both at home and abroad, while still retaining on-the-ground knowledge which is vital in an industry in which national regulation often drives returns.

Tailored services to meet the challenges of a changing industry:

Support in financing and developing your projects

  • Deal advisory
  • Infrastructure finance 
  • International development and external growth: investment opportunity studies in the energy sector, support in driving integration projects, and financial, tax and legal support in establishing subsidiaries or businesses

Optimising your operations

  • Financial management: audit and accounting, financial engineering, alignment of costs in connection with the business strategy, financial modelling of investment projects
  • Data and automation: improve the power of your data and protect it
  • Risk management: adjusting the level of investment in accordance with industrial risks, internal control, risk mapping, identification and prevention of fraud risks
  • Operational management: industrial asset optimisation, global optimisation of the supply chain, maintenance strategy for industrial sites

Helping you transition towards new energies

  • ESG audits
  • Optimisation of carbon strategy
  • Consulting support on all aspects of developing sustainable infrastructure and accessing sustainable finance