Let’s talk luxury – the Mazars podcast about the luxury business model makeover

'Let’s talk luxury' is the Mazars podcast series about how and why luxury brands are undergoing a business model makeover. In each episode, luxury experts discuss what’s happening in the sector, including authenticity, circularity, new customer cohorts and retail experiences worth posting about.

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Featured experts

EP01 - Isabelle Massa, Partner and Head of Luxury, Mazars

EP02 - Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO of Arianee, the leading NFT platform for the luxury and fashion industries

EP03 - Kresse Wesling, Co-founder of the sustainable and ethical luxury brand Elvis & Kresse

EP04 - Dr. Julie Laulusa, Member of the Group Executive Board & Managing Partner, Mazars in China

EP05 - Lina Bustillo, Founder of Aureum Coaching, a firm specialised in Latin American luxury

EP06 - Bénédicte Épinay, President and CEO of Comité Colbert, an association that works to promote, protect and develop the French luxury industry

EP07 - Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital and Technology Officer or Swiss watchmaker Breitling

EP08 - Irene-Marie Seelig, Co-founder and CEO of Anam XR, a technology start-up creating virtual immersive brand and e-commerce experiences

EP09 - Amy Smilovic, Founder & Creative Director of New York-based label Tibi



















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