Monthly newsletter on the Reconstruction of Ukraine

Be aware of the key developments and ongoing initiatives in the reconstruction process of Ukraine, along with updates from the international community.

The situation in Ukraine is perceived differently by business community currently based in Ukraine and those who are abroad. Businesses abroad cannot imagine the possibility of operations in the country in war, while those who are in Ukraine even expand their operations.

Despite the continuing war in Ukraine, reconstruction efforts already started, and the international community is preparing for a large scale investment programme for a post-war period. While this will be a huge challenge, it also offers opportunities from a business perspective. The economy keeps going and investment projects are being developed.  

The newsletter is curated monthly by our team of Forvis Mazars experts in Ukraine. It is designed to provide you with up-to-date insights into the latest developments in Ukraine, ongoing efforts in the country's reconstruction process, and the potential opportunities for businesses.

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