Річні звіти та Звіти про прозорість групи Forvis Mazars

У даному розділі ми публікуємо річні звіти та звіти про прозорість групи Forvis Mazars, в яких ви знайдете наші фінансові показники, основні цілі та напрями діяльності, а також іншу інформацію про компанію.

Set for growth: 2022/2023 annual report

In recent years, businesses, individuals and governments have encountered a succession of demanding circumstances, prompting the need for resilience, heightened adaptability, and strategic planning amid ongoing uncertainty. In face of this, Mazars is set to look to the future with a clear and forward-thinking vision to support our clients, people and communities in seizing opportunities for success and grow responsibly.


Acting now for what’s next: 2021/2022 annual report

As the world continues to navigate change, societal expectations are shifting, and organisations must keep up with the growing call to transform their operations to be more sustainable, comply with increasing regulations and meet new quality standards. At Mazars, we are prepared to not only rise to the challenge and invest where it counts for our firm and people, but also to support our clients within this evolving landscape to make the decisions that will set them up for success.


Growing with purpose: 2020/2021 annual report

As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, the call for a more sustainable future has never been stronger. Businesses are facing increased pressure to grow more responsibly and sustainably, and Mazars remains more committed than ever to answering this call.


A year like no other: Mazars publishes 2019/20 annual report

For people, businesses and society, 2020 was a year like no other. With the global Covid-19 crisis many have faced extreme challenges; people and families across the world have lost loved ones too early and suffered previously unthinkable restrictions to their lives and livelihoods as governments, companies and other institutions battled to contain the virus. The unique challenge for business has been how to respect the necessity to preserve life while fulfilling its duty to meet society’s needs in a financially sustainable way.


Striking the balance: Mazars publishes its 2018-2019 Annual Report

Looking to 2020, we see a bright future and many exciting prospects, but we know our stakeholders operate in testing times. That is why finding and maintaining the right balance resonates more than ever. With our 2019 Yearbook, we take the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to accompanying our clients’ development, helping them navigate the complex environments in which they operate and grow in a sustainable way.


Creating Shared Value(s): Mazars publishes its 2017-2018 Annual Report

With our 2018 Yearbook, part of our 2017-2018 Group Annual Report, we take a step back and reflect on our international development and growth. We also dive into who we are, our history and values, taking this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to being #MazarsForGood – that is a global citizen devoted to having a positive impact on the world and communities in which we operate. We are dedicated to contributing to society in the best possible way, whether through providing quality services to our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth, enabling our talented people to reach their highest potential, or contributing to the public debate with positive insights for the future.