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'Let’s talk' is the home of Forvis Mazars podcasts where you can hear experts discuss the issues shaping the business agenda. With different series covering the business spectrum, we share insight on economic news, policy developments and what’s next for your sector and service. Follow and listen on all major streaming platforms.

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Let's talk people, education & culture


‘Let’s talk people, education & culture’ is the Mazars podcast designed to help you strengthen your skills in most dimensions of the HR function. Throughout our series, Mazars experts share modern approaches in key areas related to people, education and corporate culture.

Join us as we explore some of today’s hot topics – from modern management to talent attraction and new ways of working – our podcast series will provide insightful thought-starters and practical tips for high-performing organisations.

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Podcast: Let’s talk sustainability

'Let’s talk sustainability' is the Mazars podcast series that explores the evolving sustainability landscape for business. In each episode, we hear from experts on a range of environmental, social and governance issues, as they share best practices for building solid sustainability strategies and identify varied and valuable opportunities for business.


Let’s talk Covid-19 – the Mazars podcast about doing business in the time of Covid-19

‘Let’s talk Covid-19’ is the Mazars podcast series about doing business in the time of Covid-19: each episode features a different Mazars expert talking about how they have helped clients navigate the business impact of coronavirus and prepare for what comes next.


Let’s talk luxury – the Mazars podcast about the luxury business model makeover

'Let’s talk luxury' is the Mazars podcast series about how and why luxury brands are undergoing a business model makeover. In each episode, luxury experts discuss what’s happening in the sector, including authenticity, circularity, new customer cohorts and retail experiences worth posting about.


Let’s talk with – the Mazars podcast about the issues impacting our world – and what they mean for business

'Let’s talk with’ is the Mazars podcast series where global experts from across the academic, business and policy spectrum share their views and expertise on the issues impacting our world – and what they mean for business.