Engaging in Ukraine's reconstruction: a doing business guide

This guide, created by Forvis Mazars in Ukraine experts, is designed to provide insights into Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction, empowering you to take the first steps towards participating in these initiatives.

One year later, the ongoing war is still a humanitarian, economic and environmental crisis. The effects continue to have far-reaching repercussions beyond Ukraine. Despite this, the Ukrainian government and people continue to demonstrate perseverance, restraint, national togetherness and dedication to recovery and reconstruction.  

Despite facing many tough challenges, Ukraine is determined to improve its business environment even during times of war. It might seem impossible to do business in a war-torn country, but Ukrainian business owners are still making it work, and some are even growing their businesses, including big international companies. Amid all the global challenges and changes, there are opportunities for successful businesses and new ideas in Ukraine.

The guide covers the following topics:

  • Ukraine: a roadmap to recovery and reconstruction
    • How big is the challenge of the economic recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine? 
    • Renovation and construction: who to get in touch with?
    • Economy and investments
    • Ukrainian tech and IT worth a glance
    • Funding for reconstruction
  • Guide on doing business in Ukraine
    • Legal aspects of doing business in Ukraine
    • Guide on tax in Ukraine 


Engaging in Ukraines reconstruction a doing business guide