Helping you seize opportunities in a transforming sector

The digital revolution has transformed the media sector. Evolving consumer demands around innovative digital experiences are driving change while also challenging existing business models. Our tailored audit, tax and advisory services are designed to help you adapt and thrive.

Our approach  

The media, information and entertainment sector is dynamic and experiencing a period of significant technological change. Digital disruption, shifting consumer behaviours and economic uncertainties are all taking their toll on the media market worldwide. To survive and thrive, companies must adapt their business models and make quick, critical decisions. 

Our specialists have deep industry experience and offer you pragmatic and flexible solutions so that you can transform your operations and strengthen your position for future success. Working as an integrated team, our experts provide specialised audit, financial advisory, tax planning and compliance, consulting and licensing and royalty services to media businesses of all sizes.  

You may be trying to achieve one of several objectives:

  • Redefine your position 
  • Take advantage of new diversification opportunities 
  • Control your distribution network
  • Retain and engage with your customers 
  • Secure strategic content and manage its rights
  • Secure your financial position 

We offer three strategic tools that can help you to meet your objectives and compete in a crowded market: 

Adapt your business model 

To thrive in your market, you need to understand the environment in which you operate and seize opportunities as they arise. We can help you define and implement your strategy, position your brand, build a distribution model and develop your business plans. Our team can also help you manage your financial transactions and advise you at each stage of your growth strategy. 

Increase your performance 

We can help you identify what it takes to optimise your performance and capture opportunities to boost growth, whether through an acquisition or divestment. Our team can also advise you on strategies to improve profitability and returns, and provide legal support related to royalties, franchises and piracy. 

Control your risks 

In the digital era, managing risk is essential. Our experts can assess your financial risks and offer tools for controlling them, as well as advise on the effectiveness of security protecting your information system and content. We can also provide practical solutions for change management, regulatory issues, and the consequences of disputes and identity fraud.