COP27 insights: joining the global effort to build a better future

Climate change is no longer a minority belief, it is a global priority for every one of us. Increasing concerns for the state of the planet and life as we know it has led to a fundamental shift in behaviours in both individuals and organisations, with sustainability now front and centre of the international agenda.

The Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) took place in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, on 6-18 November 2022, and brought together public and private sector stakeholders as well as non-governmental and civil society actors from all over the world to discuss the most pressing issues around climate change and transition to sustainable global economy.

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Building upon the progress achieved with the signature of the Glasgow Climate Pact and the Paris agreement, the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Change Conference followed the roadmap laid out during COP26. One of the key takeaways of COP26 was the recognition of the role of both public and private finance in transition towards a climate-resilient economy. In turn, for the finance sector, the commitment to sustainability implies a greater emphasis on transparency and disclosure.

One thing is certain - the only way for businesses and financial services firms to contribute to a better future is through implementing change and switching to ESG-conscious, more responsible operating models.

COP27 was dedicated to four major themes - mitigation, adaptation, finance and collaboration – and notably focused on shifting from pledging to accelerating and upscaling sustainable transformation. Among the main goals of the conference were the elaboration of a new strategy for mobilising and delivering climate finance in view of the current financial crises, as well as integration of the notion of climate benefits – and not just risks – into the consideration of companies and financial institutions.  

Our experts around the world are here to guide you through the outcomes of COP27, enabling you to remain informed and proactive in your response to the global threat of climate change. Below are a growing range of insights across the themes of COP, with further content added during and following the conference to support your journey to a sustainable future.

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At Mazars, Sustainability and ESG remain among our top priorities and at the core of our corporate identity. We believe in leveraging our multidisciplinary expertise, knowledge and innovative tools to support our clients in their transformation and evolution towards greener business models. Our Sustainability and ESG services include:

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