Water & waste

A trusted, expert partner for an essential industry

The water and waste sector impacts everyone. Water is a precious resource that requires significant investment in infrastructure, quality assurance and operational excellence to ensure success, while waste management is a critical societal service. We offer business-critical services to this sector, including audit and tax, risk management and sustainability solutions, to help the water and waste community meet growing global needs.

Our approach

The water and waste sector touches each and every person’s life. Water is our most critical resource and, with global population on the rise, the demand for water will soar while supplies become regionally scarcer.  The water sector faces major challenges, including climate change risk, population growth, concerns about contamination and capacity concerns. Likewise, with waste – as economic consumption grows, so does waste. Today, waste management is a fundamental challenge for our planet.

At Forvis Mazars, we aim to be an active stakeholder in the global water and waste community, advancing sustainable solutions and innovating to meet market challenges. Our assistance focuses on the five key challenges we see for the industry: investment, compliance, financing strategy, operational excellence, and sustainability.

For operational issues, we draw upon our cutting-edge data analytics skills. Data analytics allows unprecedented insight into operations such as demand forecasting and bacteriological quality management; used correctly, these insights can drive asset efficiency and improve operating margins. We also use insights from internal and external data – such as meteorological data – to drive efficiency and help prepare for the climate challenge.

For financial issues, both operators and investors benefit from our global network of tax, accounting, legal and modelling experts with specialist water and waste experience. With financial returns compressed for investors in the low-interest environment, efficient structures are vital.

Our services

Support in financing and developing your projects

  1. Deal advisory
  2. Infrastructure finance
  3. International development and external growth: investment opportunity studies in the water and waste sector, support in driving integration projects, financial, tax and legal support in establishing subsidiaries or businesses

Optimising your operations

  • Financial management: audit and accounting, financial engineering, alignment of costs in connection with the business strategy, financial modelling of investment projects
  • Data and automation: improve the power of your data and protect it
  • Risk management: adjusting the level of investment in accordance with industrial risks, internal control, risk mapping, identification and prevention of fraud risks
  • Operational management: industrial asset optimisation, global optimisation of the supply chain, maintenance strategy for industrial sites

Helping you build a more sustainable business

  • ESG audits
  • Optimisation of carbon strategy
  • Consulting support on all aspects of developing sustainable infrastructure and accessing sustainable finance