German desk

Germany is an important market for Swedish business, as the world’s fourth largest economy. For clients wishing to do business in Germany, or German companies setting up in Sweden, we have established a German desk to provide a hub for support and information.

Connecting business

As an international firm we have a long history of working with businesses to assist their growth and development in foreign markets. At Forvis Mazars in Sweden we already work with a number of German-based clients, as well as Swedish clients doing business in Germany, or in German-speaking countries. Our German desk draws on the skills and experience of colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines from our team in Sweden and is able to call upon the expertise of our colleagues throughout Germany.


How we can help you

  • We have first-hand experience of assisting Swedish companies to do business in Germany and German companies to set up in Sweden.
  • Our extensive understanding of cross-border activity is underpinned by the expertise of colleagues on the ground who are fully conversant with local regulations and policies.
  • Having worked with many international clients, we have a tried and tested approach to cross-border service delivery.
  • We can quickly assemble bilingual teams with the knowledge and skills you need, whatever your requirements.
  • A strong network of connections within the professional and business communities in Sweden and Germany enables us to offer additional services and local support.

For more information on doing business in Germany or Sweden, please contact Karin Löwhagen or Andreas Brodström.

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