Nigel Layton Partner - Head of Pharma & Life Sciences

Nigel Layton

As the Global Head of Pharma & Life Sciences and the UK Head of Investigations, Nigel can provide expertise on life sciences and pharma sector issues. Having specialised in the provision of forensic services for more than 25 years, to solicitors and corporates, Nigel can help with the following:

  • Third-party due diligence
  • Third-party risk management
  • Third-party compliance audits
  • Stakeholder mapping and community relations strategies 
  • Provision of strategic intelligence, consisting of market entry support and background checks
  • Investigations into fraud, bribery, corruption, bullying and harassment and other issues
  • Fraud prevention and awareness


Over the past thirty years, Nigel has advised many multinational companies, including leading pharma & life sciences companies, law firms and financial institutions, on a variety of matters, particularly involving bribery, corruption and fraud. Nigel has established strong relationships with our largest clients in the pharma & life sciences sector, ensuring that we deliver on complex projects and helping our clients in their pursuit of growth, efficiency, and success. He has conducted investigations into bribery, corruption, and fraud in a number of jurisdictions including all major continents of the world.  He has also performed many compliance assignments covering areas such as:

  • Compliance with the UK Bribery Act and FCPA
  • Anti-money laundering compliance assignments
  • Sanctions
  • Modern slavery
  • Internal audit risk assignments

Work Highlights

Nigel conducted the inquiry into alleged irregularities of transfers in 2008 for a leading sporting regulatory body. He has also conducted major confidential investigations in India, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria among other jurisdictions.

Nigel has conducted over 50 distributor third-party audits worldwide and many procurement fraud investigations across the globe. Nigel previously headed KPMG’s forensic practice in Russia and the CIS in 2012/13.  

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