Mazars Denge Sustainability Report 2017 Published

Having made sustainability an integral part of its corporate culture, Mazars Denge hopes this report will foster closer contact with all its stakeholders by sharing with them its approach to sustainability, and its efforts and progress in this area. This report, the second sustainability report of Mazars Denge, covers the 12-month period from January 1 to December 31, 2017, and explores the company’s performance with respect to top-priority sustainability issues as identified by stakeholder analysis.
This GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Comprehensive report contains progress reports on the implementation of UN Global Contact principles, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, to which Mazars Denge is a signatory. All efforts into sustainability at Mazars Denge, including sustainability reporting, are carried out by the Sustainability Committee. The Mazars Denge Sustainability Report 2017 was prepared under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Güler Aras.

The primary goal of our 2016 report was to raise awareness on the issue of sustainability. For that purpose, we created a concept using the Nautilus, one of the oldest extant species on earth, alongside the golden ratio hidden in the Fibonacci sequence.

For our 2017 report, we have selected fluorescent organisms as our main concept to remind that it is the duty and responsibility of the "aware" to enlighten those around them.

Above all, awareness requires curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. To learn, and to know, is, in fact, a great responsibility, as knowledge drives not only a change in behaviour but also a change in awareness. Once a person or an enterprise becomes aware, they understand the futility of any attempt to isolate themselves from their environment, or from their communıty. When faced wıth environmental, social or economic problems, they forgo the “none-of-my business” attitude, instead of asking “What can i do to transform this problem, which I am a part of, into a solution?” In fact, awareness may be defined as the enlightenment brought about by the realizatıon of our interconnectedness with all beings, living and inanimate, and our responsibility towards one another. One such case is the adamer project of adaysk (prince islands aarine life and sports club associatıon), a substantial effort towards The Marmara Sea carried out with support from Mazars Denge. You may ask yourself, what does an insurance, accountıng, audit and consultancy firm have to do with transplantation of coral colonies, which have suffered significant damage when construction waste from Yassıada were dumped into the sea, to neandros? Yet, it has been Mazars Denge who served as a liaison to secure the initial phase financing for The Adamer Project, which is progressing succesfully.

Thus, those who are aware of the ties that bind us, and have the enlightenment this awareness brings, shoulder the responsibility of promoting the tenets of long-term thinking, stakeholder benefıt In decısıon-making, and the key importance of balance between the economy, environment, and society. And for Mazars Denge, raising our own social and environmental awareness and sharing our knowledge and experience to transform all of our employees into veritable sustainability ambassadors is a key socıal responsibility mission for a brighter future where we will draw more inspiration from one another.

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